How to Download and Install Webroot Antivirus for Windows?

Webroot antivirus is a robust software that prevents the system from all kinds of Spyware, Trojan Horses, Viruses, and online threats. It is specially designed to provide users with the ultimate digital security. Webroot aims to enhance the overall performance of the system by blocking all the latest phishing, malware, and cyber-attacks. It is a lightweight antivirus and never slows down the speed of the computer. Above all, Webroot antivirus software enables users to surf the internet freely without worrying about their personal and confidential information.  

All the users have to log in to the Webroot antivirus software to get access to its useful and outstanding features. But, first of all, the users will have to download and install the Webroot antivirus software in their system. Therefore, we have listed the steps to download and install the antivirus in Windows Pc for all users.

webroot antivirus

Procedure to Download Webroot Antivirus in Windows

  • First of all, the users are suggested to open any internet browser. 
  • After that, visit the official website of “www.webroot.com/safe.” 
  • Then, the users will be redirected to the official website of Webroot. 
  • Thereafter, the users will be required to enter the “Mail ID” and the “Product Key Code.
  • Now, the download process of Webroot antivirus software will begin. 
  • After that, the users are suggested to wait till the “.exe” file gets downloaded. 
  • Once the download is completed, open the setup file. 
  • Now, the users need to enter the “keycode.” At last, tap on the “Yes” icon. 

Thus, after applying all the steps mentioned above, users can successfully download Webroot antivirus software on their devices.  

Webroot Installation Procedure for Windows

After following the above-mentioned steps in the webroot download procedure, the users are suggested to proceed further with the installation process provided below. To start the installation procedure, all the users must download the .exe file by following the steps mentioned in the download process. 

  • To begin with the installation procedure, the users are recommended to navigate the downloaded .exe file on the system and double-click on the file. 
  • After clicking on the .exe file, a pop-up containing the installation procedure details will show up. 
  • After this, the users are suggested to click on the “Run” tab to begin the installation procedure. 
  • Then, the Webroot installation dialogue box will open on the screen.
  • Now the users are recommended to enter the key code in the field to install and activate the Webroot Antivirus software. 
  • Note: the key code would be sent to the registered email ID of the users, or it would be provided at the backside of the Webroot antivirus box. 
  • In the installation dialogue box, click on the “Agree and Install” option. 
  • Note: if asked, the users are recommended to enter the email address and click on the “Continue” button. 
  • Now the Webroot software will launch a scan. 
  • Note: make sure not to cancel the scan to avoid any interruption in the installation process. 
  • Thereafter, when the installation gets completed. The main user-interface of the webroot will open on the screen. 
  • Note: if any threat is detected during the scan, it will be displayed on the main interface of the Webroot Secureanywhere

Therefore, after following all the steps listed above, all the users can install Webroot Antivirus software on their Windows.


Here, in this write-up, we gave the step-by-step procedure to help the users download and install the Webroot on their Windows . All the steps listed above are easy to follow, using which the user can access the ultimate digital security of the Webroot Antivirus.

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