Webroot Internet Security

Webroot Internet Security

Webroot is the highly-sold antivirus as it provides its users with powerful products to protect their systems and data. One of the categories that Webroot offers is “Webroot Internet Security”. It consists of two of its product that is perfect to protect your digital life from keyloggers, hackers, spyware, and various other online threats.

Webroot Internet Security Products

Webroot has two products under its Internet Security category. You can either purchase Webroot Internet Security Plus or Webroot Internet Security Complete. Both products are designed with powerful features. The following are the features provided by both the products. 

  • Identity protection by protecting your personal information, web browsing, and more.
  • Password Management
  • Mobile-Friendly software
  • A quick scan in a fraction of seconds
  • Protects from webcam threats
  • Protect your browsing with anti-phishing feature

However, Internet Security Complete offers a few additional features than Internet Security Plus. Along with the above-mentioned features, you will additionally get system optimizing feature and automatic backups with up to 25GB online storage.

Stepwise procedure for Webroot Internet Security Setup

Webroot Internet Security

The setup of any antivirus is a combination of various steps. The process starts with the purchase of antivirus, then comes the webroot download, installation, and activation. The sequence of the process might differ as per the ease of the customer. You can either perform the activation process right after the purchase and download and install it later. Or you can do it as mentioned previously. To clear all your doubts regarding the Webroot Internet Security setup, we are providing the easiest and simplest method from two available ones. The following are the instructions for the same.

Step 1: Purchase the Subscription

The primary step is to make a purchase of Webroot Internet Security antivirus. As mentioned above, make a choice between Internet Security Plus or Complete, as per your requirements. Once you are sure about the purchase, move to the official website, select “For Home”, and choose the product. From the product window, select the devices and year of purchase subscription and add it to your shopping cart. To complete the purchase process, enter your payment details, and personal information. On the completion of payment, you will be notified with a confirmation mail. 

Step 2: Activate your Webroot Internet Security Purchase

After you are done with the purchase, you can activate your subscription for an easy setup process. Activation needs you to visit the “www.webroot.com/safe” window. Input the email address that you have used while purchasing. Along with this, invade your Webroot Internet Security keycode. The keycode for your product is provided to you by Webroot via purchase confirmation mail. Access the mail and get the keycode. Once you are done with entering both the details, click “Next”.

Step 3: Download the Application’s Setup File

As you click the “Next” option, the download link shows up on your screen. The window that appears will consist of your product name along with the download link. Click the “Download” tab to start the process. In the next few minutes, the download process will get completed and the file will save in the default location.

Step 4: Install the Software on Your System

Installation is the final step of the process. The process of installation varies for Windows users and Mac users. The process for both the operating systems is provided underneath.


  • Double-tap the Webroot setup file to install the application. 
  • In the primary window of the installer, type in your product keycode and click “Agree and Install”.
  • You will now be prompted to grant permission to run the application and to make the vital changes, then permit the popups and move ahead.  
  • The next screen of the installation wizard might ask you to enter the email address linked to the Webroot. Carefully provide it and click “Continue”.
  • The software will start installing on the device. Wait for its completion. 



  • Start off the process by launching the setup file by login into Webroot Account. To do so, click the setup file two times. 
  • In the very next window, click the Webroot Internet Security icon.
  • A popup box will now prompt for opening the application. Click “Yes” to step ahead.
  • The language selection screen will now come into sight. Make the selection, click “Next”.
  • Now, enter the product key code and confirm it by clicking “Agree and Install”.
  • You will now get a dialog box for invading the Mac administrative credentials.
  • System Preference will now appear. Review them and hit “Next”.
  • The Installation will now commence. In a minute or two, the completion message will display on your screen.